Possible problems related to the card

1. The card is not suitable for making online payments.
2. The use of the card online has been prohibited by the account-keeping bank.
3. The card has been blocked.
4. The card data (card number, expiry date, code on the signature strip) has been incorrectly inputted.
5. The card has expired.

Possible problems related to the account

1. There are insufficient funds on the account for the transaction to be executed.
2. The amount of the transaction exceeds the purchase limit set for the card.

Possible problems in the connection

1. There may have been a break in the connection during the course of the transaction. Try again!
2. The transaction was unsuccessful because you were timed out. Try again!

Possible ‘technical’ problems

1. If you are not returned from the payment page to the merchant’s or service provider’s website, this means that the transaction has not gone through successfully.
2. If you have been returned from the payment page, but you then go back to the payment page using the browser’s ‘back’, ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ function, the system will automatically reject your transaction for security reasons.