Can I use my Senior Citizen discount?

Modified on Mon, 12 Sep 2022 at 04:09 PM

Shop Suki caters Senior Citizen and PWD Discount. 

To avail your discount, follow these steps:

1. Prior to placement of order, you must declare to us that you are a Senior Citizen or a Person with Disability through our Facebook Messenger or email us at You must provide/attach a scanned copy/screenshot or image of your Senior Citizen ID or Persons with Disability ID.

2. For purchases of Medicines, you are required to send a copy of your medical prescriptions.

3. You are also required to send a copy of the front page and the last entry page of your Senior Citizen/PWD purchase booklet.

4. Upon delivery of your orders, you or your duly authorized representative, shall present the original copy of the Senior Citizen or the Person with Disability proof of entitlement which was attached during the confirmation of your order/s together with the authorization letter, if applicable.

5. In the event that upon delivery of the orders, you or your authorized representative fails to present the Senior Citizen/ Person with Disability lD, or any government issued lD, as proof of discount entitlement and authorization letter, if applicable, Shop Suki may charge you or your representa
tive the full amount of the orders.

In the event that a Senior Citizen or a Person with Disability is unable to use the Shop Suki website or our Mobile App to place your orders, you can message us through our Facebook Messenger or call us at 0951 806 8769 or 0917 803 6336 so that our Customer Service Team can assist you.

If orders are placed through a phone call, the Senior Citizen or a Person with Disability will only be required to present the original copies of their ID and Purchase Booklet upon the delivery of their orders. But, we might not be able to serve your medicines as we would be requiring a copy of your medical prescription. Shop Suki may still charge the full amount of orders if you fail to present the documents upon the delivery of products.

The following are the required documents for Senior Citizens or Persons with Disability and their Authorized Representatives:

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