We offer next day delivery slots. Order cut off time is 8PM, unless slots are filled earlier. 

We are unable to provide a specific delivery time, but we will do our best to fulfill all orders received by 8PM on your delivery date chosen. If you have any preferences for delivery time, please let us know in the order instructions box and we will try our best to accommodate. 

Please note that there may be delays to your order due to unforeseen circumstances such as flooding, earthquake, breakdown of our delivery van, network unavailability in the area or supply chain disruptions due to lockdown. While these happen rarely, we will always let you know if there are any delays due to extenuating circumstances. We will notify you immediately through phone call, text message, or email.

We will deliver all available items on the indicated date unless we are unable to reach you or have not received your online payment. Our driver will notify you when they are near your place so you can prepare ahead!

If your order has not arrived or you have not heard from our delivery personnel, please notify us on Facebook or call us at 0951 806 8769 or 0917 803 6336 for urgent attention.